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How to File an Insurance Claim

If you live in an area that received hail that can cause damage to your home and personal property. It is helpful to know the claims process and what to expect.

Inspect your personal property to see if any damage occurred to your vehicles, siding, shutters or wood fences. This can help you determine if roof damage may have happened.

File the claim as soon as possible to ensure you are within the required date range for hail damage claims. Some insruance providers allow up to one year for you to file and get the damage repaired, some much sooner, so reporting your claim is time sensitive and should be done immediately.


Since the damage was done to your roof by hail or wind "Act of God", filing the claim will not effect either your premium or any change in your policy.


Also, replacing your roof with a brand-new roof can increase the value of your home.

                5 STEPS TO FILING A CLAIM


  • Write down the date of the hail storm.
  • File the claim with your insurance company. 
  • Take down adjusters name and phone number if possible.
  • Contact your Roofer to meet the adjuster (Never do this alone).
  • Once settlement has been made, your roofer can then either replace or repair your roof.