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Green Star Construction and Roofing has been installing roofs for decades, there are

many types of roofing materials.  The most common roof for residential is the

asphalt shingle which comes in several varities which are the 20yr-25yr 3-tab, 30yr-Life-Time

deminsional shingles.


Green Stars LIFE-TIME shingle has a wind resistancy of 130 MPH and offers a

Life-Time warranty that Green Star matches with the Life-Time labor warranty.

The IMPACT RESISTANT resistant quality of Class 4 shingles improves the

integrity of you roof. The UL testing was developed a national Institute that

conducts the test by slamming steel balls against the shingles, the balls

vary in sizes to replicate typical hailstone sizes and slams the balls at 

high speeds of up to 90-mph.  

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